the story of Blair Sportswear

A brief history of Blair Sportswear….
My parents lived in Edmonton in the early 1960s, and – like just every person from Alberta – had visited Kelowna on a few occasions, loved it, and decided they wanted to move here (just like every person from Alberta, a trend that has continued for the past 60 years). The issue was what to do when they moved here.
After making a couple of trips and looking at a couple of potential businesses which were for sale at the time, they decided to open a business, “Blair Crests” (which made crests for jackets, ribbons for swim meets, etc.). My father moved out to Kelowna in 1963, and was joined by my mother and older brother a few months later. Blair Crests became “Blair Crests and Novelties” after a few years, which then later morphed into “Blair Crests and Sportswear” in the mid/late 1960s.

In the mid 1970s, as the garment side of the business became a bigger part of the business, the name was changed to the current “Blair Sportswear”.

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Over the past 59 years Blair Sportswear has become a Kelowna institution and has been located in 8 different places in Kelowna. The first 3 on Pandosy Street, near Bernard (as there were no malls, and so all business were right downtown), then on Lawrence Avenue across from Town Centre Mall, then 2 different locations on Ellis Street. In 1995 we moved to Dayton Ave (behind ICBC), and finally in 2020 to our present location on Dilworth Drive.
Hopefully, we will be serving Kelowna for another 60 years…(and staying in the same location, at least for a few years).
Warmest regards,
Gordon Blair

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